Adjusting the Zankapfel Life

Brewing, Cats, and Moving

Where we are on 101/1001

Let’s go through and see how I’ve managed on my list of quantifiable and quantifiable goals. They’re accessible through the 101 in 1001 tab at the top of the page. We’re in the early days of this blog, but I do plan to number and rearrange the list soon. Until then, as one of my profs says: ‘Great is good, done is better.’ Therefore, I’m going to go through and figure out what is (getting) DONE on my not-yet-great list.

Keep in mind that at this moment, I’ve not yet moved into SpecSO’s house. We’ve brought two loads (sizable) of my things over. This gradual moving, however, is somewhat conducive to purging STUFF, especially as my previous move was done within a week with only a week’s notice. This caused me to end up filling a whole box with used toiletries that I only this week discovered.

*Saving towards emergency/moving fund.
I started this project with some cushion, but I’m not yet at the $X mark.

*Set up joint account for bills/groceries.
We’ve discussed this and have determined whose bank we’ll use for our joint account. We’ve also discussed that we would like to build up a surplus in this account, and what sort of things we’d like the surplus to go towards (ie: vet bills, a deep freeze, etc).

*Pay off credit card
Information for the judgmental ‘don’t live beyond your means’ people: I’m paying more than my minimum. Getting this paid off by the end of the 1001 days is reasonable as long as I keep current or better employment.

*Expand to 15+ fruit trees.
We have 7 at the moment: 3 cherry, 2 apple, 1 peach, 1 fig.  Plus, there were 2 mullberries there beforehand (7 or 9 /15)

*Grow/harvest 20 different plants.

Between what we’ve started and our trips to get seedlings this weekend, we are likely going to complete this goal this summer.  I’m at at least 23 plant types, not counting varieties.  If we were to do that, then we’d likely be up into 40 different plants.

*Lavender production

I picked up two different varieties this weekend to see how they do in our soil.

*Learn how to harvest bees.
We set up the hive this last weekend. I’m also so excited!

*Try 4 different classes at the NB yoga center
I’ve gone to the Tuesday morning class twice.

*complete 2 half marathons (or greater or tri/bi/other equivalent) per year
On 4/1/2012 I did the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon. On 4/16 I did the Hyner Trail Challenge 25K.

*find/buy poi

I got tired of looking for my poi, so i just bought 3 new pairs.

*Build website for the mother
She needs a website for work and has asked me to do it for her, although I’ve constantly told her that she should just get a professional (or at least someone who can do more than fill in wordpress templates). We’ve started and… well, we started.

*Pare down books by 100.
I’ve gone through my books and I have more than 2 full boxes that I will be removing from my collection. I haven’t counted them yet, but I think they will be close to 100.

*be able to move self in a small moving truck.
I haven’t fully disposed of (given to goodwill/had a yard sale/equivalent) of everything I don’t want. Yet. But I have at least 3 boxes full of stuff in my basement that I don’t want to ever move again and I’m downsizing by a dresser and a mattress set.

*Pare down sheets to 4 sets.
COMPLETED! I did that last week! I kept one extra flannel flat sheet because SpecSO mentioned that he wanted some flannel rags.

*Complete transcribing court documents.
Argh! I almost had this one done, but in the middle of transcribing my computer turned off AND WOULDN’T TURN BACK ON. Thankfully I have backups of all the documents in their original 19th Century handwritten glory. It’ll only take a few days to catch up on it, but really!?!!


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