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Lilac, Trees, Trees, and more Trees

I’ve wanted lilac bushes for YEARS.  My grandmother had a giant one in her yard and it smelled GLORIOUS.  So as I was looking for a hardy violet to seed in the new ‘Shady Section’ of our yard, I stumbled across the National Arbor Day Association website and saw that they sold lilac bushes.  Now, if we purchased a $15 annual membership, our lilac bush price dropped, and we would feel warm and fuzzy for supporting the planting of trees EVERYWHERE!!!  And with a membership we would receive 10 free trees!  And if we purchase $25 worth of product (at this discounted price) we get 2 FREE FORCYNTHIAS (SpecSO’s mom’s (least) FAVORITE PLANT), which I absolutely adore!!  Plus, because we’re now members we get a Red Maple tree.  And while we’re at it, hey, check out this cherry tree that cross pollinates with the other two we have.  Oh, darling, I do so love plums!  What are these? Huh, looks like we can eat them, let’s get two!!

So by the end, of our early evening tree buying  binge, we ended up with:

10 Flowering Trees (free with $15 membership)

1 Damson Plum ($10.98 for the regular, non-dwarf)

1 Bing Cherry ($12.98 for the regular, non-dwarf)

2 Fragrant Lilacs ($4.98/ea x 2 = $9.96)

2 Nanking Cherries ($5.49/ea x2 = $10.98)

1 Red Maple (free for ordering while a member)

2 Forsynthia (free for ordering more than $25 worth of trees)

19 trees for $65 (including shipping)

Whoa.  That’s a bunch of holes.  But they won’t ship until after the trees have gone dormant, so we have all summer + fall to dig the holes.

And then they present us with our final prize.  Because we are SUCH GOOD SPORTS for waiting to get the trees…


Twenty one holes to dig.



2 comments on “Lilac, Trees, Trees, and more Trees

  1. Woot
    May 29, 2012


    • Lavender_Pepper
      May 29, 2012

      Sure! Just start a Kickstarter campaign for it! ❤

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