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“Do you like noodles?”

“Really? You like noodles?” the SpecSO says occassionally.  This started a few weeks ago when we were at an Asian Grocery and I was stocking up on soba noodles and he said “Do you like noodles or something?”  I didn’t think anything about it.  That night we made dinner: pasta with veg and pesto and cheese and maybe some chicken. “Wow, I think you like noodles.”  I started to pay attention.  And then I noticed that most all of my meals were pasta-based.  And that he would sometimes drop “Really? You like noodles?”  And I noticed: yes, I do like noodles.  Because it’s the easiest staple for me to cook.  I can make quinoa, but it takes forever to let soak and then boil.  Amaranth makes an odd porridge that I haven’t quite figured out past ‘breakfast’. And I just mess up rice, which we’ll leave at that.  Bread making requires a serious investment of time, it seems, and with four cats I need to be careful leaving things on the counter.

Doesn’t EVERYONE eat a bunch of noodles all the time?  No, apparently they do not.  Some, like the SpecSO eat a bunch of rice (discussed earlier) as well as faro and barley.  So yes, I do like noodles, but I think I need to get myself out of that groove.  It’s summer: so light grain salads are perfect.  Time to explore, because I think that the SpecSO might get a bit tired of my pasta.  In the name of love and variety: we shall explore! (under the category ‘Alternative Grains’).

Back to finishing up the pasta salad I started for dinner!


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This entry was posted on May 22, 2012 by in Alternative Grains, Cooking, Gardening, On the Homestead.

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