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Let’s be frank, shall we? Staples are intimidating to grow.  Tomatoes to put on your salad are bold but friendly plants.  Even a bit of mescalin (ed: I mean ‘mesclun’ … oops) for that salad is just a *baby* plant – not scary at all.  But to truly make my own BREAD!? I need to grow an entire plant to ripeness/death, harvest it, intensively process it just to get the usable *part*, and then process it again based on my intended use.

But in an attempt to ‘get off the grid’, does that really matter?  Am I going to cling to my privilege and be scared away from a plant because it… seems hard to grow?  Whine whine, I’m going to buy my flour from a company that buys ‘organic’ grain and ships it because the huge carbon footprint is more convenient, whine whine.  (see a previous post about noodles) So we’re making an attempt to grow a staple carbohydrate: potatoes!

Our potatoes are in two sections of the garden.  In one spot, near the onions, are some regularly planted late season varieties.  The other spot is an EXPERIMENT!  We built a POTATO BOX last month!

The concept of the box is pretty nifty (and simple).  The potatoes grow *up* rather than *out* and then you harvest them by pulling out the boards on the side and feeling around for your potatoes.  With this method, one should get quite a haul with a small investment in square feet.

We’ll see what actually happens.  The below picture is of the four plants this weekend, with two potted marigolds nestled between them.


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This entry was posted on May 31, 2012 by in Alternative Grains, Gardening, On the Homestead.

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