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Furry children and moving perils

Orion and Mingus 's Aftermath

Normally I’m a pretty chill mover.  I did my last move in a week with just a week’s notice.  This move came with plenty of warning and plenty of time.  In fact, by the time that we got to the week that we took off to move, we only needed to put in two days of work.  Then we could bring over the parcels that gave me the most worry: my cats.

I love my two cats, they have been by my side through thick and thin.  They are very empathetic and cuddly and nonjudgemental, so I feel a strong responsibility towards making sure that they have a happy, comfortable life.  SpecSO also has two cats.  They’re personable, but not quite as cuddly as mine.  Also, they’re less outgoing.  I wasn’t sure just how the family would meld, but I knew we had to give it a try.

The Cast Cats:

Jeffe: 3.5 years old, half Siamese male.  I found him at a shelter when I swore I wasn’t going to take in another cat after dealing with a very heart-wrenching bout of cancer in my late kitty Nese.  He was named by a guy I was dating who wanted to call him Heffeweissen.  As my house was broken into two times that week and I was busy with more ‘important’ stuff, the name stuck… sorta.  At work we referenced Romancing the Stone quite a bit, so my mind went to El Jeffe, and I adjusted the name.  He’s vocal and aggressively cuddly and likes to jump onto things and explore alternative routes around a room.  If you don’t want to cuddle with him, he thinks something is wrong with you and that it can be fixed with cuddles.

Mingus: 10 years old, Grey male.  SpecSO inherited Mingus from a friend who was moving over seas.  Mingus is a dignified cat who thoroughly considers the worth of moving before he gets up.  He doesn’t like to be alone and will amble into a room with people, but rarely does he get onto laps.  As of late, however, I have woken up to find him taking the place of ‘Littlest Spoon’ in the bed.  Also, he has recently been receiving special Glucosamine treats, and has been much more active.

Orion: 5 years old, Grey female.  When she was just past the ‘Big-Head-Little’ stage, Orion climbed up on my lap and fell asleep.  She was my first furry pet ever!  She is very very in tune with me, and loves to cuddle on my lap.  On chilly nights she clambers under the blankets.  She’s also very grumpy when faced with change and I was extremely worried about this move for her.

Valkyrie: 7 years old, faded Tortie female.  She came to SpecSO with Mingus.  This kitty thinks that everything in the world is out to get her.  I was worried about the ramifications of introducing two new cats to her house.  She is very receptive to verbal cues and does not seem too curious in general.

Before moving, we started a regimen of Fel-Away sprays and calming treats.  Also, we covered them all with vanilla extract so that they all had a common smell.  Other than that, we crossed our fingers and hoped for the best.

From the first night, after we let Jeffe and Orion play around in the basement (with the litter boxes) for a few hours, there were no real incedents… until today.

Jeffe really couldn’t care less about the changes, as there were toy mice, a poop box, and food.  Mingus seemed a little uneasy, but not really ruffled.  Valkyrie and Orion, though, felt the need to hiss at everything.  Valkyrie eventually calmed down, but Orion just keeps pushing her luck.  Today Mingus walked by her and she swatted at him.  He turned around and gave chase to around and around the house, which turned over a few of our seedlings as the intro image shows.  I wanted to let them have it out and get Orion in her place so she stopped being a royal butt to everyone, but their hisses and yowls changed pitch so I grabbed Mingus as he ran by, holding him against the ground just long enough for her to get away.  I managed to check them both, and Orion looks a little worse for wear but Mingus is just fine.

I want them to just love each other!


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