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Link Dump #007

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Huh – I thought I had set this to post last week! Things are settling down here at the homestead, now that I’m officially living at the homestead.  The kitties are getting on, but not really getting along.  We’ll work that out.  Until then, here’s some links.  I’m totally IN LOVE with the From Scratch Club as of late, so there’s a few of those links in here.  There’s also a huge focus on cover crops and fallow crops as one of our BIG issues with our garden is that there’s only an inch of topsoil above the clay.  I think it’s because the house was built only recently, so there hasn’t been much time for soil development.  Anyways, here goes –

Gardening – Cover Crops 101

Planning your garden – Crop Rotation

Green Manure Crops

Chicken Malai Meatballs – Oh goodness, these look SO DELICIOUS!!

Broccoli and Soba with Toasted Sesame Seed Sauce, the Gift of Improvisation & Snarky Cats – Doesn’t everyone’s cats criticize their cooking?

Bettye LaVette’s Favourite female singers playlist – I utterly adore Bettye LaVette, so I am totally digging this set of her fave female singers.

Stop what you are doing and make this Caftan – I do have some fabric laying around…

Summertime Treat – Homemade Magic Shell Demystified YAY – Now I need to get some ice cream!!!

20 cats who got ties for Father’s Day

Crimson Tide Diaries: What Commenters Say About Period Products DIVA CUP!!!

Lilack of Luck So lusciously luxurious – I have a birthday coming up in the next year!


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