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Some quick updates as I am brewing a wormwood gruit whilst I type… 1) My previous beer post is FIXED!  It has a recipe and a picture. Finally. 2) I’m … Continue reading

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Link dump #011

Eggplant is the feature crop in this week’s harvest. Also, check out the tamatilos, 3 types of tomatoes, and Naga Jalokia Pepper! Whoa!! That’s at least ONLY a third of … Continue reading

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Batch #001 Scottish Ale and #002 Elderflower Cream Ale – Brewing, Part Next

Yay!  I have two batches bottled, so I can start to comment on the brewing process and the beers! The little floaty specks in the picture are elderflowers. Batch #001 … Continue reading

July 21, 2012 · 1 Comment

Link Dump #010

Tomatillos! And rain! Finally we’re getting the rain that will break this streak of upper 90 degree days!  While I’m working, trying to stay cool in the middle of the … Continue reading

July 19, 2012 · 2 Comments

First Harvest!

First harvest! Yay! I LOVE that the graden is producing.  This is the Best Thing Ever.  Yes, we “should expect this,” but every little success confirms that we *do* know … Continue reading

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Freshly printed labels for my Midsummer Night’s Cream, an Elderflower Cream Ale which shall debut at the cast party for our community theatre’s Shakespeare In The Park production.

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Link Dump #009

Eggplant flower from the garden. … where I curate articles, directions, advice, recipes, projects, and things that interest me. The topics can include homesteading, booze, beer, sex, politics, and food. … Continue reading

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The trick to living together and stress free brewing…

When the SpecSO and I talked about living together, I made it very clear that for it to work I needed my own space to do my own things.  He … Continue reading

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Brewing! (part 1 of many)

SMELL THOSE HOPS! Everything is better when it’s made by hand! About a year and a half ago I first learned to brew and when I moved not long after … Continue reading

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101 in 1001 Update!

Wow! I’ve been busy! I-4 – Procure brewgear for 5 gallon system: DONE! Expect some Brew-centric posts in the next few weeks. I-12 – Make a beer with hop alternatives: … Continue reading

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