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Link Dump #008

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I want to see the Aurora Borealis! I LOVE astronomy and it’s events. When I visited a friend in Australia, I made a point of stargazing in a dark place one evening. Even on my first night in town, I was shocked by how I quickly noticed that the stars looked so DIFFERENT! I never realized how automatically I picked out constellations, I blame my father for taking me out star-gazing when I was a young’un. So SpecSO and I are sketching out a few days up in Canada to see the Northern Lights in September. Hence the links about them! Add any resources, suggestions, or stories about your sky experiences in the comments!

Wikitravel – Northern Lights
The Best Places to See the Northern Lights
U of Alaska – Geophysical Institute
Fodor’s Top 10 Places to see the Northern Lights
Northern Lights Forcasts
US History Minus the White Guys Awesome look at the people our history books continuously forget or marginalize!
Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies
Quinoa Pizza Bites
The Price(s) of Pleasure in the classroom – The Appalachian State University Controversy’s Relevance to Sex Workers An interesting look at college politics and increasing moral conservatism within the marginalization of sex workers. I love this blog, and its articles continually impress me. This one, however, seems to stand out.
Rogue Ales to Create Beer Using Yeast from Brewmaster’s Beard Follicles
Smoky Chopotle Cherries – YUM! I adore mixing savory flavors with fruits!
Just Gruit – And article about a style of beer that I’m attempting….


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