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The trick to living together and stress free brewing…

When the SpecSO and I talked about living together, I made it very clear that for it to work I needed my own space to do my own things.  He has two guest bedrooms, so it’s been easy to make one into an office where I can set up my computer and unpack some of my personal stuff and make my own mess with my projects.  In addition to that, though, I asked for… My Own Bathroom.  He has two full baths, and he’s more than taken over the master bath, as one does in one’s own house.  So now I get the ‘Guest’ bath.

I have to say:

*This* is the secret to living together.  There’s no resentment over messmaking/cleaning.  My stuff is never in his way.  His is never dripping and leaving scum.  Yes, we’re quite privileged to have this: I grew up in a house with only one full bathroom.  But this is wonderful. Absolutely beautifully wonderful.

He even got me a fancy showerhead.

I love how I’m not cleaning his hair out of the drain, he doesn’t have to worry about not noticing that out soaps have switched locations. And my brewgear doesn’t get in the way.

Yes.  Having my own bathtub gives me a spot where I can prep and sanitize my gear.  I can wash it afterwards, I can leave the shower head off for easier container filling, and I can let my bottles soak overnight…

You get the hint.

Love it.


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This entry was posted on July 13, 2012 by in On the Homestead.

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