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Eggplant flower from the garden.

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This has been a hot week, with temperatures hitting one hundred, easily.  While inside at work dealing with manufactured cold air, I yearned to be out hiking in the mountains and playing in creeks.  I have an issue with ‘climate control’, summer is supposed to be hot.  I understand mitigating the temperature for the health of people (and kitty cats), and to an extent, machines.  But I should NOT have to bundle up inside when I would sweat buckets should I step outside.  When I came home, every night, I loved kicking off my shoes and watering the garden.  The damp grass beneath my toes, the heavy air, shooting the hose into the air and letting the cold drops of water shock me when they land on my skin… they just set everything right.  And this morning (as I’m typing this on a Sunday morning and will build the link list over the next few days), I’m treated to the thunderstorm that comes at the end of each of these heat waves.  Alone.  The SpecSO is off camping with his friends.  It’s the first time we’ve had a morning thunderstorm and the first time I’ve woken up without him next to me this season.  SO UNLUCKY!!   His site still gets service and he woke up to the same storm (they’re not far away), and he texted me that he has ::ahem:: similar sentiments.  I can’t wait for him to come back today, smelling of woodsmoke and smiling and exhausted from the night.

How to protect your garden during a heat wave – rather topical and useful

Sparkling Sweet Tea – potentially even MORE useful. A drink with St Germains and home-made tea simple syrup.

Spruce Gum

The Cooling Borage Herb – Rather timely for us as our bee garden is FULL of this herb

Bachelorette’s Jam – Wheee! Booze! And Fruit!

$160 a Month – “My brother made less than $80 a month working in the kitchen of a fast food restaurant. He loved it…used to wake up at 4am to put on his uniform even though he didn’t start work until noon.  But he had to quit…because in Matt Blunt’s Missouri, adults with autism who make $80 a month and also seek Medicaid coverage are freeloaders addicted to the government’s tit.” And now the $160 a month that Missouri gives for food assistance is being reduced.   —   I’ve followed Shark-Fu for years.  She knows what she’s talking about.  This woman is The Shit. (Unfortunately.  Ideally, everyone would be able to have a satisfying living.  And if they did, her voice wouldn’t be needed.  But, instead, we need serious change.  Thankfully she speaks up about the piss droplets on our head that the government tells us is rain.)

Wikipedia, Science, and the Accessibility of Language – I love this blog because it’s science writing for the non-scientist.

ACLU’s new Android App lets users secretly record police misconduct

Federal Bureau of Intimidation – an article by Howard Zinn that I’ve seen pop up a few times this week.

Julia Child’s Recipe of a Thoroughly Modern Marriage – I love Julia Child.  I also love non-traditonal relationships.  And I’m so glad that in the mid 20th century, this amazing woman had a super supportive partner.

Son of a Fermentation Chiller – I NEED to make one of these.  I have someone lined up to teach me to solder…

Sweetwater 420 recipe – extract – I have a friend who swears that this is the Best Beer Ever.  I admit that Sw420 is pretty nifty.  But… we’ll see how this recipe works out.

Unfuck your Habitat: The Messy House/ Depression Cycle – Unfuck your habitat is a no-nonsense, manageable motivation program for getting and keeping your house clean.  This installment addresses just how overwhelming cleaning is and can be, particularly if you’re feeling less-than-your-best.  Remember: focus on one small thing.  Celebrate that you did it. Lots of love!

More Hogwash – Michigan’s Anti-Invasive Species laws criminalize heritage breed hogs.  As someone who once worked in an area ravaged by hogs that got loose and turned feral (over generations), I honestly have to say that I’m torn and can see both sides of the argument.  But that the money seems to be coming from Big Ag (and their want to continue CAFOs), that’s certainly quite a bit more telling…

Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra – Want it Back – Music vid from her newest album!  I’m having issues inserting the video into this post. So just click the danged link and go watch the vid itself.


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