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First Harvest!


First harvest!

Yay! I LOVE that the graden is producing.  This is the Best Thing Ever.  Yes, we “should expect this,” but every little success confirms that we *do* know what we are doing!

I’m sure you’re expecting some inspiring recipes on how to fully utilize the harvest. You’re in the wrong place.

We’re eating the beans raw on the side of meals.  The kale got chopped up in a salad. We tried to make a fennel and daikon slaw but we shall stop speaking of that abomination.

I have a few other recipes I want to try, but we just haven’t had TIME!  SpecSO is running a community thing over the summer, which is 3 nights a week in addition to his 9 to 5.  Summer hires at my workplace aren’t staying because they need to move to wherever they’re doing college (really? In JULY?? But that’s what they told us) so I’m filling in for them AND training AND trying to do everything I committed myself to back when I thought I was only working 30 hours a week and not 55.

Plus I’ve had to keep up on my brewed beer. Time, tide, and yeast wait for no one.

So we’ve been eating a bunch of grilled cheese.  With raw veg on the side.  Or soups from the freezer. With raw veg on the side.  Or egg sammiches. With raw veg on the side.  It doesn’t matter, it’s all yummy!  I don’t *need* fancy pants recipes to enjoy my harvest.

But I sure hope that work gets settled by the time of the tomato harvest.  We have probably 15 plants!


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This entry was posted on July 17, 2012 by in Gardening, On the Homestead.

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