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Link dump #011

Eggplant is the feature crop in this week’s harvest. Also, check out the tamatilos, 3 types of tomatoes, and Naga Jalokia Pepper! Whoa!! That’s at least ONLY a third of the eggplant fruits on the plants. Holy poop. I know what recipes I’m looking for this week!!!

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The 50 cutest things that have ever happened

Be entrepreneurial, be self employed, be… broke – I’m consistently dissatisfied with my current job, so in addition to trying to cultivate friendships at breweries and with other homebrewers (which is very difficult when you work Friday nights) and applying to other marginally better positions, I’m brainstorming about what sort of entrepreneurial things I can do. Plenty of people who succeed keep feeding the “yes, do it. you’ll love it!” line, but… forgive my cynicism… they’ve succeeded.

Tossing around the R-Word just means that they’re desperate – As a woman who ::gasp:: dares to go out in public, I take up space. I have boundaries. I am a person. I have a right to not be threatened. How dare I be so high-maintenance! And now the skeptic crowd is actually angry that a person wants to be treated as a person? Oi!

The Lazy Lady’s Low Maintenance Garden – Have any of y’all noticed a theme about my attempts to garden? Like: minimal input, maximum output? Yeah. It’s not accidental.

Are today’s young women afraid to lead? In my experience? Yes! I do deal constantly with people who think they know what I should do, or that I need to be lectured, or other forms of concern trolling. If my *friends* think I do’t know my stuff, then how can I feel like I belong in my work culture? It’s SCARY!

Teaching Marx and Technology – First, I love that they’re using Star Trek TNG as examples. Also, I dig using Marxist paradgms in my papers. This is a really great article outlining Marx’s writings about people’s interactions with technology and illustrating each of his stances with pop culture.

10 Ways to Repurpose Old T-Shirts – YES!! I have probably 50 tshirts that I need to use. Great great ideas!

Southern Foodways Alliance – Food, history, anthropology, and food. Oh, and right now they’re doing a study on BBQ. Yeah. Check them out.

How to store fruits and vegetables – a comprehensive list of fruits and veggies and how to keep them fresh. It doesn’t include root-cellar or preservation info, but is great for knowing what to leave on the counter, what to store in a container, what to leave loose, et cetera.

Supersonic 3rd Wave Feminism and the Importance of the Hard ‘Femme’-Cee – Awesome Lady MCs and their hard, smart lyrics.

Neil Gaiman reads: Shoggoth’s Old Peculiar I’ve been working on a Lovecraft inspired beer and just can’t come up with a name. I ran across this while googling for inspiration.

Preserved Radish Pods Wait… I can make what!?! I think I need to head back to the garden! These radishes might prove good yet!!

Moussaka – eggplant overload link #1!
Preserved and Pickled Eggplant – Italian Style eggplant overload link #2!!
Preserving eggplant in olive oil – Eggplant overload link #3!!! (a bit like 2 but a bit different)

Rum Diary: A Flight of Daiquiris – I wonder if the SpecSO could go ahead and make me one of these for when I get off of work on Saturday


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