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Link Dump #012

Valkyrie hiding behind the booze. Not a healthy coping mechanism.
This has been… a week. Amazing harvests, though. I put away a bunch of our harvest, so you can look forward to an article about that. Yay fridge pickles! ::cross fingers:: So between that, and having serious negativity cloud, and being an auxiliary in one of SpecSO’s annual artistic projects, and a BBQ with a bunch of homebrewers, and FINALLY brewing a batch I’ve been excited about, and planning on HOSTING a homebrew event myself… Yay for the end of the week.

… where I curate articles, directions, advice, recipes, projects, and things that interest me. The topics can include homesteading, booze, beer, sex, politics, and food.

You can’t say “You Can’t Play” – Reinforcing that ostracizing kids is not a good thing is taken pretty matter-of-factly by the li’l’uns.

Pretty Strong – A blog of Olympic Weightlifting women and the challenges they face in training, finances, and getting uniforms that fucking FIT!

Jamgria! – Sangria with jam and St Germains. But of course.

Homemade Bloody Mary Mix – We’re gonna have a gajillion tomatoes coming ripe in the next few weeks. I need some tomato ideas.

Helpful Websites to Learn Languages– Not quite Rosetta Stone, but I need to brush up my polyglot!

Ethical Fashion Shopping Guide: Dog Days Edition– Yes! I try my best to not buy new clothes and support the big-box-store / high-chemical-cotton-processing industry. I thrift my arse off, love clothing swaps, and repurpose + wear out everything. But when I have to purchase something new, I angst myself to no end about what company’s policies I’m going to support with my dollars.

One Jobseeker’s Ruse to Check out the Competition – Wow, this isn’t discouraging. I’m looking for something more stable than my current restaurant gig, but there are very few openings for one with my academic background unless you’re willing to freelance and move every month or two. And while I understand that moving is an option if it needs to be, not having a feeling of stability isn’t something I’m willing to do at the moment. ::sigh::

How to Harvest, Cure, and Store for Winter – Very, very important stuff that we need to keep in mind.

Build an Outdoor all-in-one Grill, Smoker, Oven, and Smoker – Yay! Want!

Cucumber Infused Sake – Yum, I’ve had this before and it was WONDERFUL!!!

eta- Oh noes! I never added a video this week!!!


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