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Batch #004 – Oaked ESB and Batch #003 – Sam Smith Taddy Porter Clone

Because Orb Weaver spiders are awesome, especially when they’re protecting my tomatoes.

Yes, we had a “Beer Party” as SpecSO’s extremely sheltered, extremely numerous, and extremely religious neighbor kids have termed them and warned us of the imminent hellfire and damnation that awaits sinners such as us. The fathers of the families that live to either side of us are cousins who moved to this country a few years ago and each of their families have at least eight kids. Eight kids who tell us that we’re going to go to hell if we don’t get married, that we’re a good match because we both have light skin, and that Beer Parties are Satan’s work. Of course, that doesn’t stop them from being a right holy terror to us on occasion (we had an issue with their BB gun and our vinyl siding) or to each other regularly.

1:”You need to go to Bible Camp this summer. It’s the only way that you can live with God.”
2:”We might go. I’m not sure yet.”
3:”I’m going! I’m going!”
1:”Shut up, butt head, of course you’re going!”

Christian love and tolerance at it’s finest
As they were speaking English, I think that person 2 was a friend from school and not part of their tribe.

So, yes. We had a beer party. Not only did we drink some quality brews (as I need brown crown-cap bottles), but we made an awesome batch. We also popped open the hive to show our guests and sampled some of the honey. Delicious. I need to do a real bee post soon.

Batch #004 – Oaked ESB
We brewed this together on that lovely BEER PARTY day. It seemed to be very well on it’s way when I moved it from primary to secondary and added the oak chips. When I bottled it only a week later (yes, I know it typically sits in secondary for TWO weeks, but I needed the carboy and didn’t want it to sit on oak for too long), I tasted some clear oakiness on top of my yummy ESB clear beer with a touch of roast. But beer is like potato salad, letting it sit over night/month makes the flavors meld and mellow. I’ll revisit this brew in about two weeks and if it still seems promising, I’ll distribute some to my assistants with instructions to let it sit for another month or two.

Bring 3 gallons of water to 170F

1 lb Crystal Malt (90L)
2 oz chocolate malt
for 30 min, remove, let drain.

Bring to boil.
@60 min – 3.3lb Muntons light LME + 2/3 oz E Kent Goldings
@20 min – 3.3lb Muntons Light LME + 2/3 oz E Kent Goldings + 1lb light DME
@0 min – 2/3 oz E Kent Goldings

Chill, transfer, top off with water at 5 gallons, pitch yeast
Wyeast 1275 Thames Valley

Primary: 1 week
Secondary: 1 week

Batch #003 – Sam Smith Taddy Porter Clone

The SpecSO LOVES porters, stouts, and other malty beers. So for his birthday, I whipped up a clone batch of one of his favorites, Samuel Smith’s Taddy Porter. There’s not much of a story to this one, which is why I led with the ESB, but the recipe is simple and produces a super solid beer, even at this early stage.

Bring 3 gallons of water to 170F
1lb 55L British Crystal Malt
12oz British Black Malt
6oz British Chocolate malt
for 30 min, remove, let drain.

Bring to a boil
@60min – 3lb light DME + 1.5 oz UK Kent Goldings
@20min – 3lb light DME + .5 oz Fuggles + 1/2 cup Black Strap Mollasses + 1tsp Irish Moss
@2min – .5oz EKG at 3 min

Chill, transfer, top off with water at 5 gallons, pitch yeast
WYeast 1275 Thames Valley
Primary: 1 week
Secondary: 2 weeks

Happy beering!!


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