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Link Dump #013


We’ve been busy.  Mowing hasn’t been a priority.

One of the GaJillion blogs I follow has a “Support Women Artist” section each week, which is where I discovered Jaqee most recently. I try to check out the featured artists because, well, men *do* disproportionately make up the popular and heavily promoted artists, particularly in music. There are multiple reasons for this, from prejudice among producers and listeners to men having an easier time living the somewhat marginalized lifestyle it takes to Make It Big. Even when women *do* Make It Big, they have to deal with society’s expectations. One of my favorite musicians, Erykah Badu gets plenty of ‘well-meaning’ and arseholish questions from industry press and the public about her choice to have children but not stay with the fathers, because her work is so dynamic and she is so awesome and continuously makes a point to include her children and allows the other parent to do his own thing.

There’s a parallel with our Olympic athletes. Many women are asked how they pair their wife and mother-ness with being an athlete, but few men are asked about the challenges of being a husband and father while training.

So, I shall self-insult and say that I’ll get off of the soapbox, which I’m sure you all noticed I was standing on as this sort of stuff isn’t supposed to be discussed amongst kyriarchy, and on to this week’s set of curated links…

Seed Saving 101: Tomatoes – and others. Super relevant to where we are at this point in our garden.

21 Tips to release self-neglect and love yourself in action – If you’re one of those people who never has an issue with your self confidence, then yay for you. For the rest of us, this is a good reminder of how to practice self love.

DEFCON: Why conference harassment matters – “This weekend was DEFCON 20, the largest and most famous hacker[1] conference in the world. I didn’t go to DEFCON because I’m a woman, and I don’t like it when strangers grab my crotch.” Oi, as a woman who once tried to be noticed in her corner of academia, I must say that many aspects of this rings true…

Fermented Dill Pickle Cucumbers
– *Lacto*fermented, that is! I MUST try this out!!

Making perfume from your garden – File this under “ways to make money without working for The System”… or working as little for the system as possible. We have bees, and therefore we shall have beeswax this winter.

Kickstarter: Remote Rover Experiment – Because making space public is awesome!

Kickstarter: Skycube – the first satellite launched by you – Because making space public is awesome! (part 2)

Matchbook – Matching swimsuits with beach reading. More interesting than you would EVER think!

A Homemade Wheat Thresher – Yes! Maybe growing wheat isn’t going to be such a pain in the arse!!

Sunflowers as a cover crop – You mean I can have a super pretty and awesome cover crop? I’m not stuck with buckwheat?

Grow tomatoes in a tire – There’s always free tires! I’m planning on using this as a way to start a temporary greenhouse.

Domenique Pamlemousse Needs Your Help! – Stop motion video game by a woman whose games I already dig.

Peanut Butter Honey Cupcake recipe – So we sometimes have brunch parties. And I like to have themes. And peanut butter and honey are two of my favorite foods…

Recipe: Eggplant Curry – I think I’ll make this for dinner tonight, as SpecSO and I will finally have some evenings together!


2 comments on “Link Dump #013

  1. Rebekah
    August 20, 2012

    The fermented sour dills are AWESOME! Highly recommend using some kind of tannin-rich leaves (I used grape) to keep them crisp. My boyfriend had his doubts it would work, but it does. 🙂 Happy preserving.

    • Lavender_Pepper
      August 20, 2012

      Yes! I’m lucky enough to know someone who grows grapes and doesn’t use pesticides, so I had planned on snagging some. Thanks!

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