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August 5th harvest!

I try to learn from my experiences like, you know, and adult does. And this summer the big, overarching theme is definitely KEEP THE MOMENTUM!! A planned 7-10 day hiatus with hopes for maybe some tiny picture posts becomes almost a FULL MONTH of abstinence from blogging. That is just unacceptable. I couldn’t even post a beer recipe and a cat picture? Apparently not. So here’s to a restart of writing, not just on the blog but also letters, creative projects, and a business plan. Wait, what? Yes!

I mentioned in my last post that I am no longer waiting tables. It was a difficult decision, but I realized that I was spending so much time and energy at the restaurant that I had given up other things that I loved because I either had no time or was physically exhausted and in serious pain. Waiting tables for two five hour shifts each day is tough. If you don’t believe me, I want you to imagine hiking for five hours at a time in 20 yard bursts while carrying weights at chest level on an open palm. Yes, I do get ‘breaks’ from that, but they involve carrying a pile of those weights for another 20 yards. While you’re doing this you’re remembering lists while talking with people and making each of them feel like they’re your top priority. And then at the end your reward is that you get to clean the bathroom.

Aug 24 Harvest – I didn’t even get to the peppers or eggplants!

One good thing about those tough shifts (and my obsessive need to save up ‘just in case’) is that I have enough to get me through a few unemployed months relatively comfortably. I will admit, if I wasn’t sharing a place with SpecSO, I would still be ok, but not for nearly as long.

For almost the entire time I’ve been waiting tables I was applying for jobs that were a bit more ‘skilled’ (see my above description as to why I refuse to call serving unskilled) and particularly less hard on my body. We have a few local colleges and they had quite a few admin assistant positions open. Also, there are some banks opening up. But so far almost all have responded with nonacceptance letters stating that it was a ‘difficult decision’ and that they ‘appreciate your application.’ I’m not giving up, but this isn’t 2002 when I walked through the mall filling out applications and went home to find multiple $10+/hour shop-girl job offerings on my answering machine.

Besides, do I *really* want to spend that much time behind a desk? (Answer: I’d consider it for enough moneys).

It’s time to take my fate into my own hands. Or at least try. And when I was deciding what to do about the restaurant and such, a friend announced she was putting a 4′ wide loom up for sale.

I used to work for museums and cultural resource agencies in various capacities, and one of my favorite things was textiles. I assisted conservators and curators on the textiles themselves, but one of the most nifty things was putting together and working on the big barn looms.

So, it’s a start!

And yes, my business plan is more detailed than that. But if I told you, I’d lose my edge. No?


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