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Give Away #001 – Hot and Spicy Edition

Yes! Thanks for coming back! So while you’re here, make sure to enter for the give away. And if you have friends who might want some of this, encourage them to enter as well.

What am I giving away?

Can’t you tell by the picture?

I will give away a set of seeds for Ghost Peppers (aka Buht Jalokia) to the first x commenters on this post.*+** I’ve gone online and found that it ranges from $5 to $10 for a small pack, so this is your chance to try these peppers out for FREE!

If you’re not familiar, Ghost Peppers were the HOTTEST PEPPERS IN THE WORLD, until this spring! We made a 4 gallon pot of chili last winter with a single pepper from this plant (yes, it’s a two year old plant), and it was bordering my limit of spiciness. I can typically handle ‘medium’ salsa or Thai food pretty well. SpecSO always gets ‘extra hot’ if it’s a spice option and he was quite pleased with the salsa, but is cautious in using it in a smaller concentration.

Notice: BE CAREFUL!! I am *not* responsible for any pain, injuries, or other results (except for awesome enjoyable spicy foods) from the handling of these seeds, plants, fruit, or other aspects of this giveaway. Be careful, and wear gloves!!

* ‘x’ will be determined by how many seeds I procure this week. Likely between three and seven.
** I need a way to contact you to get your address, so don’t leave an anonymous comment!


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This entry was posted on September 25, 2012 by in Gardening, On the Homestead.

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