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Kitchen Mystery Theatre…

Say hello to my new neighbor. He has nothing to do with this story, though.

I’m used to bugs coming into my kitchen, but it took us over twenty four hours to figure out just what the vector was for this infestation!

Yesterday in my kitchen I noticed a grubby maggoty thing crawling on the counter. I had just brought in a bunch of tomatoes and some of them had worm holes that I would work around (the “trauma” of using no pesticides) so I cleaned it up and carried on. I noticed another two and started to worry. I cleaned them up and cleaned the entire counter, checking the the beets + greens + tomatoes + peppers hadn’t carried them in. This morning I found MORE including a bunch on the floor where presumably they fell off the counter. GROSS!!!!

This prompts a lecture about how I need to keep the kitchen cleaner. So I go ahead and get rid of EVERYTHING and BLEACH EVERYTHING DOWN and put all of the pot-holders in the wash. We wash the garbage can and the compost bin. I leave the beets in their bag and the chestnuts in theirs and eventually put everything away. I find another one. I chop off the beet greens because maybe they’re ‘rotten’ (but they’re not) and toss them in the compost. We think and think and think and look above the cabinets because maybe something died. We’re not finding it. Maybe the damned larva was just hiding really really well.

I stick my head under the cabinets overhanging the counter to see if I’m missing something. Under my ear on the counter, I hear “CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH.” I look down and notice that one of the chestnuts has a hole in it, and a little maggoty thing crawls out. My chestnuts had buggies. Sorry, no pic. No chestnuts either. ::sad::


2 comments on “Kitchen Mystery Theatre…

  1. SaraC
    October 4, 2012

    Ew. We have fruit fly maggots in the compost bucket and you’d think just emptying the bucket and washing it constantly would beat them back but no. They are persistent and fast. I hate them. I need a new bucket they can’t get into but I’m cheap, and clearly my threshold for gross is way too high.

    • Lavender_Pepper
      October 4, 2012

      Yes! They are gross!!! They hatch and grow so quickly because the weather is nice, too. So they’ll probably start slowing down when it get’s chilly. I keep my fruit flies down by leaving a coffee mug of apple cider vinegar out to trap them. I have a friend who goes a step further and puts a paper cone over hers so even if they don’t land *in* the cider they get stuck. That’s another reason why I was like “where the fsck are these buggers coming from!”

      (Also, SpecSO is a cleanfreak and empties the compost every other day. I’m so spoiled!)

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