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Link Dump #014

Jeffe is joining the dark side, where all of his murder-practice (aka: adorable antics and playing) will be will utilized.

If you aren’t familiar with our blog, SpecSO and I live *out there*. How out there? Well, people regularly use horses for transportation and no ISP services us (yay smart phones!!!). This out-of-the-way area is located in a state that has notoriously annoying alcohol laws that frustrate the poop out of any homebrewer who wants to jump up to the next level. We also live where winter can be rather rough: two feet of snow on the ground is not unusual. To prepare for this, SpecSO had typically just stockpiled canned soup. Not this year! Now he has a souperiorly skilled housemate. This meant that we had to find a freezer, which we did. So I have 7 cubic feet to fill with SOUP, casseroles, and other things. What is your favorite food to stockpile for the cold months? Recipes or links are SOUPer welcome!

Now onto linkdump … where I curate articles, directions, advice, recipes, projects, and things that interest me. The topics can include homesteading, booze, beer, sex, politics, and food.

Brew by Brew: “Blogroll” is on the todo list for this site, but until then, I would like to at least give a shoutout to another brewer who has put me on his. We’re both tackling some cranberry brews right now!! In fact, I just racked a heffe/wit onto SIX POUNDS of mixed roasted and raw cranberries!!

12 Productivity Hacks from a Start-Up founder: As someone who is trying to be super uber productive (and move this household toward more production and less consumption), I am very grateful for someone letting me know about new *useful* tools to help with management. I particularly like the suggestions for small-scale delegation/freelancing.

Flier Posted in University Restroom – [tw] titled: 10 ways to get away with rape. How horrid can some people be? Don’t answer. (PS- I totally typed “10 ways to get rid of rape”. Oh, how I wish!! )

Salmon Empinadas – I have a bunch of Salmon, thanks to a friend’s recent fishing trip. I had intended to make tacos, but then realized that instead of corn tortillas, I grabbed empanada wrappers instead. Ooops.

Age is just a number: Why older doesn’t always mean better with whiskey

Vegan Kimchi – On my todo list too.

Vegan PBJ Thumbprints – YUM!!! I MUST MAKE THEM

Rosehip Collection: 25 Different things to do with rose hips

Pumpkin Cinnamon Buns with Chai Maple Buttermilk Glaze – You should wipe up that drool.

Women in Elevators: A Man to Man talk for the Menz

Recipe: Green Tomato Pickles

Italian Green Tomato Pickles

Comfort redefined: Butternut Squash – I really want to try out the squash/apple slaw!

Let me tell you some things. I used to investigate child abuse and neglect. I can tell you how to stop the vast majority of abortion in the world.

Take Back Halloween – A guide to awesome costumes of awesome ladies!

Turd Eating Worms Clear Air Around Canadian Toilets – a less-stinky composting toilet.

Pretzal Rolls – YUM!

Vertical Gardening – STRAWBERRY BARRELS!!

Shredder and the Foot Clan Costumes – AWESOME!!

The Beginning Farmer: Why farms look the way they do – Most of us are in various states of disarray

Grow a Pear An amazing drink, from the looks of it. I wish I could get fancy boozes in my state…

Seven Desserts for National Bourbon Heritage Month – Again, YUM!


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