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So what exactly has your absent blogger been doing with her time? Quite a bit, actually, including recognizing the irony of posting about how I need to keep my blog-momentum and then disappearing for a few weeks. One evening, I managed to introduce the SpecSO and some of his friends to one of my most favorite bands ever: Cutthroat Shamrock!

I’ve been a fan of CtSr for a few years now, and when I moved I kept hoping that they would tour near me. And sure enough, while it’s not really *near*, they came to the Appalachian Brewing Company! I think, however, that everyone would say that the show was well worth the drive.

My favorite beer of the night was ABC’s Batch #666, a smokey dark brown ale.

Here’s the band in action:



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This entry was posted on November 1, 2012 by in Adulthood, Beer, Travel.

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