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Link Dump #015


Just a quick fyi: there’s still a give-away of ghost pepper fruits/seeds should you wish any. Quite a few people have contacted me personally and asked for some, but… we brought our plant inside and it’s *still* flowering and producing. So just leave me a not-anonymous comment in this or the linked post if you wish for any. Thanks for following my blog!

i might have trained under some of the featured flow artists in this video.
… where I curate articles, directions, advice, recipes, projects, and things that interest me. The topics can include homesteading, booze, beer, sex, politics, and food.

The Terrible Bargain We have Regretfully Struck – An essay that means a ton to me. Please read it.

Eating the Weeds: Cattails, Nature’s Corndogs – How can you use cattails? Every which way!

Converting a Washing Machine Into A Homemade Cider Press – I think the title says it all.

Real Life Zombies: A History of Cotard’s Delusion – Sometimes people think zombies exist. Sometime people think they exist as zombies.

Native Americans Secretly Sterelized Under Bush Sr Program – Because marginalization has no boundaries.

Savory Pumpkin Custard


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