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Brewing, Cats, and Moving

Jeffe the Brave!

Jeffe licking the Ghost Peppers

Of all the cats in the Zankapfel household, Jeffe has me most puzzled. His whole itinerary today consists of:
Eat the Ghost Pepper plant (in the sunroom).
Get yelled at for eating the Ghost Pepper plant.
Cry in the kitchen.
Sit next to me in the sunroom.
Roll around on the floor in the sunroom.
Notice the Ghost pepper plant.
Eat the Ghost Pepper plant…
ad nausium. Which with the hairball frequency in our house is most appropriate.

I love him, I really do! We found each other at a shelter one day and he’s been the best. He’s continually called the bestest kitty in the world by my visitors. He is sweet to all people, relatively out going, and very energetic. He’ll run laps around the house for a half hour at a time, only stopping to massacre a toy mouse colony or roll around, and then he’s up and running again. He’s learned that the garage door opening means that someone will come in one door while a car parking in front of the house means that someone will come in the other, so he’s always waiting for you when you come home.

We have an aquarium, and he watches it like they’re his stories: He’s fully alert for any potential plot changes. Anytime something changes, he’s on it. While packing and unpacking, he investigated all of the stacked boxes and I would find him in the piles. The other cats will go over, under, and around furniture. He prefers to go through it.

I love my Jeffe. He is the sweetest. He stands up for his big sister when she gets into fights with the SpecSO’s cats, and when she runs away he follows her and keeps them from bothering her under the bed.

He’s so animated and has such a vicarious personality that SpecSO named one of his Kahjeet skyrim characters Jeffe the Brave!

Yes, I love my Jeffe so much that I’m dedicating today’s blog post to his awesomeness!


4 comments on “Jeffe the Brave!

  1. Natasha
    November 6, 2012

    You have a ghost pepper plant? And it has peppers! You are a gardening goddess! Our peppers never did nothing. Sigh.

    My kitty, Sahara, loves to watch her stories, too: “All my Fishies”, “Goldie, Lone Goldfish of the West”, “Big, Bad, Betta”… and she also has to double-check all boxes that enter the house for potential mice or birds or other interesting whatsits… I love my puddies. They make life interesting!

    Nice to read how your puddie makes your life interesting, too!

    • Lavender_Pepper
      November 7, 2012

      Actually, SpecSO started this plant before he ever met me. It’s on its second winter.

  2. Winnie Dolderer
    November 6, 2012

    I had a kitty who used to love to eat all my plants and other fun mischief. She was found in a trash can and she lived together for her lifetime, and after seeing this, I am thinking I need to have another feline again in my life.

    • Lavender_Pepper
      November 7, 2012

      Unless you have a lifestyle that is very anti-kitty, I fully support this decision! I can’t imagine how I would have gotten through some very difficult times if I didn’t know that I had a snuggle butt waiting for me at home. They’re rather easy to care for and they return the love hundred-fold.

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