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Holiday Brew Part 1: Crandelweizen, a Sessionable Seasonal


check out that ruby redness.

I have potentially four holiday meals to attend, as both SpecSO and I currently live within a day’s drive of many of our family members. I love to cook, but my creations tend to be a bit too finicky for travel and I often try to test my baking skills a bit too much and end up with something I’m not pleased with. So what is a home-brewing gal to do when she needs to bring a dinner contribution?

Bring Beer!

Because you didn’t see that coming.

I wanted to bring something that would stand out, but that most people would enjoy, even if it was just a small glass. I wanted something that would be visibly appealing as well as flavorful. I wanted… a wheat beer! With Cranberries! And BEETS!

Wait… beets?

Yes! So the beer is now RED.

That’s some evil scientist shit there.

I got my recipe from, and the cranberry idea from my friend, Jess. The beets, however, were all my idea, inspired by Magic Hat Wacko.

I did have a few issues though… I think I used too many beets (2lb roasted) and I didn’t process the cranberries enough (3 lbs roasted, 3 lbs raw). I have a slight cranberry flavor but there is an overwhelming beet/vegetal flavor. I recommend that you smash up your cranberries (maybe it would have been worth pulling out the food processor) and decrease the amount of beetroot.

I think that these beers shall be sitting till the more yule-centric holiday.


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This entry was posted on November 21, 2012 by in Beer, On the Homestead.

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