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The joke is that I’ll leave this tableau for SpecSO’s mom to find.

One of the wonderful things about being unemployed, once you look past the lack of money coming in and all the side effects that brings, is that you get a chance to revisit past passions*.

If one hasn’t been paying attention to my blog, bio, or ‘linkdump’ posts, I am a huge proponent of bodily empowerment, which is something that many women find lacking in the medical community. I managed to find myself an AMAZING doctor at a women’s health clinic who I would love to still see every year. Friends of mine, however, have not been so lucky. Their stories are horrifying and depressing, and I certainly empathize with their lack of wanting to trust in a community that has treated them so frustratingly.

Reproductive health and justice is a field that has been close to my heart since before McCain’s infamous “Women’s Health” statement. Within this, birth politics are rather… interesting. Doctors have women at a disadvantage during labor. The mother feels very pressured with giving birth, dealing with family, and working with the doctor. I know many women who felt disempowered during this experience. My mother has many times mentioned how helpful her midwife was during her pregnancy with my brother. So when I read about Miriam Perez’s work as a Doula, I was very interested in the field of birth support.

Basically, a Doula is a person who provides emotional and personal support to the mother and her family during the birth. This includes everything from family-wrangling to back massages to medical advocacy. For example, if the mother’s birth plan includes with holding painkillers, then the doula will support the mother in her decision and help her carry that out.

Many women have a doula in a friend or family member who has gone through the birth process before. Some women choose to have a certified doula, however, and that’s the route I’m going. Some weeks back I attended my initial training class through DONA, and now I’m reading all sorts of pregnancy and breast feeding books. I still need to take more training as well as attend some births, but that’s happening.

I’m very excited to have this chance to work in an advocacy field. Stay tuned to see how all of this awesome baby-making turns out.

* – No… not the types you meet at the bar, take to your special swimming hole, and then share wine with for many many month. ::sigh:: Miss ya, Shugz.


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This entry was posted on November 30, 2012 by in Unemployment.

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