Adjusting the Zankapfel Life

Brewing, Cats, and Moving

Zankapfel Shakeup – edited


I’ve moved.  And it’s taught me just what I care about.  I am officially one of ‘those’ cat people.  The SpecSO and I …  yeah, no.  And after this last weekend, this is a good thing as he insisted that we hang out and be friends, but within 24 hours he proved himself to be scum.  There’s a bunch of dirty laundry, it would probably be cathartic for me to type it all out, but I’m sure y’all wouldn’t find it near as interesting and enthralling as those near and dear to me do.  It’s really not exciting or dramatic.  It’s (he’s) actually rather pathetic.  And through it all my huge concern was what I would do with my kittens and carboys.

Finding a place to stay really wasn’t too hard, but I felt sad leaving behind my garden and country sunsets.  Finding a place for Orion and Jeffe has been much more difficult as most people I know either have cats and dogs or are allergic.  At the ZH we learned that Jeffe takes some time to get comfortable enough to use an established litter box and Orion doesn’t really like other furry things.  I don’t want someone with pets to be subject to their poor social skills.  So right now they’re in a very kind person’s sunroom with a space heater and blanket fort.  Yeah, he fucked up so bad that I don’t even trust my cats with him.

I guess what’s toughest with this is the change of routine.  I’m not totally sure where I sit with all of his friends so in addition to no longer joining them on their regular Tuesday ‘wings and beers,’  I feel weird going to the bars with which I’ve established patronage.  There’s also the going to bed alone thing, but to be fair I think I miss sleeping with my kitties more than with him.

I’m super thankful for my friends who have come through for me.  A dear woman who I just met this summer has made a point to hang out with me quite a bit and even showed up to help me move.  Two of my brewing friends offered to help as well, but I was done for the day by the time they could get there.  They still made a point, however, to call and meet me at the local brewery.  A bunch of my friends who I moved away from also called, texted, and facebooked affirmations, which made my day.  When I deal with breakups I tend to get very maudlin and very trapped in a wicked hate-myself spiral.  “Why couldn’t I act in a way to prevent the break up? I’m so stupid!” and “I spent so much time and effort in this relationship, I’m so stupid!” are my two typical seeds.  No, they’re not original, deal with it.  The point is, it’s been really nice to get a random message pointing out just why I’m so damned nifty.

I love my friends!  I love my kitties!  I managed to move two carboys full of beer-in-progress!

I’ll make it work. I always do.

So please bear with me – the blog name or address might change.  It might be a few weeks to get some real beer posts up.  Who knows.  We’ll figure it out.


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This entry was posted on December 6, 2012 by in Adulthood, Beer, Cats.

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