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Tutoring – unemployment blurb 82 of 159


No idea where this is from, I found it in my random-graphic folder.

Thank goodness for self-motivated business opportunities!  When I first moved to this area 18 months ago, I was looking for a very flexible job because I had eight zillion other things to do (and yet really nothing at all).  A family friend who lives in the southwestern section of the US told me that she had made a career out of tutoring and sent me to Wyzant, the site that she uses as a middle party.  I signed up for it, and with a bit of dedication I managed to snag me some clients.

I took a break from tutoring this past spring and summer because my hours at the restaurant picked up and became very unpredictable.  But when I left the restaurant I re-activated my account and picked up a few more clients.  I like the website because it allows for my clients to use credit cards.  Also, my clients can see that I’m qualified in my advertised subjects because I need to complete a test for each.  They can also request a background check if one is desired.

It’s not a fully sustainable income, but because of my current couch-surfing status, it allows me to squirrel a bit away in order to buy brewing ingredients, food, and work on my student loans.


2 comments on “Tutoring – unemployment blurb 82 of 159

  1. SaraC
    December 10, 2012

    Imma tell my friend about that website, because she’s a teacher and I want her to move up to the boonies with me and she’s afraid about finding work. Thanks!

    • Lavender_Pepper
      December 10, 2012

      If she creates an account as a tutor, she can see what the current demand in your area is by searching your zip code. I’ve been checking a few spots as I’m now free to move. She should check over the course of a few weeks. Plus, there might be a local-ish tutoring service or Kaplan center. Good luck in getting her to join! 😀

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