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Link Dump #016


It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these! I wonder how many links I wanted to share got lost in the inevitable computer restarts?  No worries.  I’m sure I can pare down the gajillion-some tabs currently in my browser.

Maya Del Valle – To All the Boys I’ve loved Before – Video and transcript of a beautiful spoken word piece that is so appropriate for the moment.

Drug Rape Prevention – DrinkSavvy Color Changing Drinkware – Indigogo campaign to fund color changing glasses and straws that react in the presence of date-rape drugs.

Pairings Box – A monthly subscription in which you get music AND food! I wish I had a record player!!

Hitting Napoleon with a Stick – Juana Galan. a) awesome portrait, b) she led a resistance against Napoleon, successfully

The 12 Instruments of Deathmas – The Chirmugeon’s Apprentice is a delightful medical history / artifact blog, and they concocted a collectoin of some of the creepiest surgical equipment through the ages.

Johnson & Johnson won’t enforce anti-AIDS patents in developing world – Yay!

Durkheim at the (Macy’s) Parade – A theory breakdown of the Thanksgiving Day Parade

To Draft Board 1 – Letter by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr to the Draft Board about his support of his son not registering for the draft

Savory Kale, Garlic, Cauliflower Puree Pop-tarts – OMG they look SO GOOD!


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