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Brewing, Cats, and Moving

Blog Redesign



Nothing TOO drastic, but I felt that along with a name change, the blog could use a fresh new look!  I LOVE getting my backgrounds from .  You can make your own patterns and palates or go through and see the beautiful combos other people have put together.  An example of a tile is the featured image in this post, it’s called Frozen Feelings.  The background choice is Sunnyside Up . I’ve always loved fall colors, and the way the blue pops in the orange is pretty awesome.  Yes, basic colour theory.  But hey, look at how well it works!

I went and did an icon redesign as well.  The old one didn’t quite go with the background palate and I was wearing summer clothes.  So now I’m a little more bundled up, my hair’s a touch longer, and I’m wearing a hat.  There’s quite a few avatar makers out there, but lately I’ve been pleased with the ease and aesthetic of Lunaii Doll Maker.  I like using avatars because then I can put a face to the blog without providing stalker material.

Thanks for sticking with the blog!  I promise I’m working on some new awesome content between all of this moving / unemployment stuff!


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This entry was posted on December 11, 2012 by in filler.

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