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Rebrewing, and Birthday Brew, and Moving!!


So, I mentioned that I moved just recently, and I had two batches that weren’t ready to bottle yet.  I was hesitant to move them, but it’s been a few days and it looks like the effort was successful.

When I first started to move, things were amicable and we had made plans for me to keep the beer there through bottling.  But then things happened, and I wasn’t comfortable leaving it there.  Oh joy.  I guess I could have done some research on moving beer-in-progresss, but that would take all of the fun out of my awesome adventure that everyone else calls life.

Basically, I sanitized two 2 food lengths of plastic wrap and then stuck it between the carboy and the stopper.  Then I loaded them into the moving van, brought them into the basement of the house I’m staying in, and set them up.  It’s been over a week and nothing funky is growing in them, so that’s a win.  So… what did I actually move?

First, I had a rebrew of the Sam Smith Taddy Porter Clone that I wrote about before.  The plan was to add tamarind to it somehow, but due to events beyond my control ::cough:: I decided to just go with the original recipe.  I’ll make another tamarind porter soon, I have to as I’ve committed to providing a batch for a brewfest this summer!

The next batch was a New Zealand RyePA and my worst brew experience ever.  I guess it makes sense as I now realize the, I’m not kidding, oppressive stress I was dealing with at that time.  I only say that because, goodness, I feel sad but I feel so decompressed.  It’s like I did a magical two hour yoga session followed by amazing sex.  I’m *that* relaxed!

But seriously, the brew experience sucked:  I couldn’t keep my temperature steady to save my life, I forgot hops and tossed them into the primary, melted my BetterBottle, and basically made a huge fuckup of everything.

I used the BrewersBest recipe:

But I swapped the hops out with … oh fuck it, I can’t figure out what I used.
Damn this recipe.  At least it’ll be ready in time for my birthday party.


One comment on “Rebrewing, and Birthday Brew, and Moving!!

  1. Jim Vondracek
    January 29, 2013

    HI LP, this is Pappers from HBT, sounds like you’ve had a stressful month +

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